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UK UWMN 2000 Publications

Beaumont, W. R. C. & Ingram, A. (2000) Acid Waters Monitoring 1999 Report on Fish Studies. Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Dorset.

Environment and Heritage Service. (2000) Managing The Water Environment in Northern Ireland 2000. Environment and Heritage Service, Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland, Belfast.

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Monteith, D. T., Evans, C. D. & Reynolds, B. (2000) Are temporal variations in the nitrate content of UK upland freshwaters linked to the North Atlantic Oscillation? Hydrological Processes, 14, 1745-1749.

Monteith, D. T. & Evans, C. D. (2000) United Kingdom Acid Waters Monitoring Network 10 Year Report. Analysis and Interpretation of Results, April 1988 - March 1998. Monteith, D. T. and Evans, C. D. 1-364. ENSIS Ltd, London.

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