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UK UWMN 1998 Publications

Beaumont, W. R. C. & Pinder, A. (1998) Acid Waters Monitoring 1997 Report on Fish Studies. 1-27. Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Dorset.

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Helliwell, R. C., Ferrier, R. C. & Jenkins, A. (1998) A two-layer application of the MAGIC model to predict the effects of land use scenarios and reductions in deposition on acid sensitive soils in the UK. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 2, 497-507.

Jenkins, A., Helliwell, R. C., Swingewood, P. J., Sefton, C., Renshaw, M. & Ferrier, R. C. (1998) Will reduced sulphur emissions under the Second Sulphur Protocol lead to recovery of acid sensitive sites in UK? Environmental Pollution, 99, 309-318.

Monteith, D. T., Renshaw, M. & Patrick, S. T. (1998) Monitoring the long term chemical and biological response to changing sulphur and nitrogen emissions of sensitive waters, United Kingdom. Headwaters: Water Resources and Soil Conservation 111-125.

Monteith, D. T., Evans, C. D., Beaumont, W. R. C. & Delinikajtis, C. (1998) The United Kingdom Acid Waters Monitoring Network Data Report for 1997-1998 (year 10). Report to the DETR and the DoE Northern Ireland. ENSIS Ltd, London.

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