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UK UWMN 1995 Publications

Battarbee, R. W., Allott, T. E. H., Bull, K., Christie, A. E. G., Curtis, C. J., Flower, R. J., Hall, J. R., Harriman, R., Jenkins, A., Juggins, S., Kreiser, A. M., Metcalfe, S. E., Ormerod, S. J. & Patrick, S. T. (1995) Critical Loads of Acid Deposition for United Kingdom Freshwaters. Critical Loads Advisory Group. Sub group Report on Freshwaters. 1-80. Institute of Terrestrial Ecology (Edinburgh Research Station), Penicuik.

Beaumont, W. R. C. (1995) Acid Waters Monitoring 1994 Report on Fish Studies. 1-26. Institute of Freshwater Ecology, Dorset.

Jenkins, A. (1995) Freshwater Recovery and Future Trends. Battarbee, R. W. 61-67. ENSIS Ltd, London. Acid Rain and Its Impact: The Critical Loads Debate. 17-9-1993.

Jenkins, A., Campbell, G., Renshaw, M., Boorman, D., Stedman, J. & Patrick, S. (1995) Surface water acidification in the UK; Current status, recent trends and future predictions. Water Air and Soil Pollution, 85, 565-570.

Monteith, D. T., Renshaw, M. & Beaumont, W. R. C. (1995) The United Kingdom Acid Waters Monitoring Network Data Report for 1994-1995 (year 7). Report to the DoE and the DoE Northern Ireland. ENSIS Ltd, London.

Patrick, S. T., Monteith, D. T. & Jenkins, A. (1995) UK Acid Waters Monitoring Network: The first five years. Analysis and interpretation of results, April 1988 - March 1993. 1-320. ENSIS Publishing, London.

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