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UK UWMN Thermistor Methods


In order to determine long-term changes in lake temperatures as well as the timing of stratification and mixing events thermistors have been deployed at UK UWMN lake sites since 1999. Readings are taken every two hours. Thermistor pairs are used, one being positioned 1.5m from the lake bottom and the other 1m from the water surface. Both are attached to one of the UK UWMN sediment trap arrays at each site, and are downloaded annually in August. Historically Vemco Minilog12-T devices have been used, but as these units have a reliable non-replaceable battery life of four years the Network has gradually replaced them with Tinytag Aquatic 2 units from Gemini Data Loggers recording at a half-hourly frequency.

In April 2010 a thermistor chain was installed at Llyn Llagi and in August and September 2013 thermistor chains were installed at all other lake sites.

Page last modified: 19th January, 2015
Page published: 12 March 2010