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UK UWMN Chironomid Sampling Methodology

Chironomid sampling

Chironomid sampling of UK UWMN lake sites commenced in 2011. Lake sites are sampled by ENSIS/ECRC in late summer using the standard Water Framework Directive methodology (WFD-UKTAG, 2008). A long-handled 25cm diameter net with a mesh size of 250 microns is swept through the accumulated floating debris at the leeward shore of the site to collect chironomid pupal exuviae. Samples are preserved with 100% ethanol and are archived at ENSIS/ECRC pending the availability of funding to perform analysis.


WFD-UKTAG. (2008) UKTAG Lake Assessment Methods. Benthic Invertebrate Fauna. Chironomid Pupal Exuviae Technique (CPET). ISBN: 978-1-906934-04-0. 14pp. Water Framework Directive - United Kingdom Technical Advisory Group (WFD-UKTAG), SNIFFER, Edinburgh.

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