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UK Upland Waters Monitoring Network

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UK Upland Waters Monitoring Network

The United Kingdom Acid Waters Monitoring Network (UK AWMN), funded by a consortium originally led by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, was established in 1988 to monitor the chemical and ecological impact of acid deposition in areas of the UK believed to be sensitive to acidification. Over twenty-eight years on, its data-base provides an extremely valuable long-term record of water chemistry and biology which is unique for upland freshwater systems in the UK.

From 2013 the UK Acid Waters Monitoring Network became the Upland Waters Monitoring Network (UWMN) designed to track changes in surface water quality and freshwater biodiversity across all upland regions of the UK, not only those sensitive to acid deposition. As resources allow the role of the network will be expanded by adding new sites and new protocols needed to monitor the separate and combined impacts of all principal pressures facing upland waters, including acid deposition, nutrient-N deposition, climate change, toxic substance contamination and land-use change.

Page last modified: 24th February, 2017
Page published: 1st June, 2010